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Lady Grey

Wow! Two posts back to back!

So, anyways, continuing on with creating characters for my Alyce project, I have come up with a character called Lady Grey. Yes, well with a little research, I found out that the name is in fact owned by Twinnings. Great…but I suppose the name Earl Grey isn’t (snickers). Well, let us just see…But where there’s a will there’s a way and I’ll find a workaround. Still I really liked the name…


The Happy Hatter

So, upon setting up the characters I hope to use in my Alyce project, a friend and I were talking about the Mad Hatter. I asked, “Well, what if I want a Happy Hatter?” She laughed and said, well, what if the Hatter wore a bunch of different hats and took on a different personality based on whatever hat she (yes, my hatter as of right now is a she) was wearing. Needless to say, I love it! Love it, love it, love it! XD

The Happy Hatter

Well, why make the Hatter a she? Well, why not? I think it’s good to challenge convention every now and then. As for a legitimate reason, I have yet to come up with one…I’ll keep thinking.


It’s a rainy day here, but instead of being drowsy or down, I feel kind of reflective. I fee like looking in the pools of water and seeing through the reflections at what they hide.

Despite the rain, it’s a nice day and the weather(temperature wise) is great.

Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog…watch it and love it! Yes, well anyways, it’s really entertaining.

Boots and shorts

There’s something about boots and shorts that just doesn’t do it for me…

Alyce Project is a Go!

Hello, peoples. My project is nearly ready to begin. Please keep an eye out for updates. This summer marks the start!

Good Morning…

Ah. There’s nothing like waking up at 7am after a long night of working on a paper (that went rather well coincidentally). Now I must wait on a bus that is set to run every 15 minutes or so, but shows up when it darn well pleases. More often than it should, it makes me late to class or nearly so. But, the alternative is walking; while that’s not a bad idea with the weather being so nice and all, it is 1.3 miles to my class from my dorm and that’s about a half hour walk or so. My thinking is, if I’m going to be late no matter how I get there, I might as well ride there instead of start my morning off running for no logical reason. Right?No fuzzy logic here.