Life Chasing the White Rabbit

Lady Grey

Wow! Two posts back to back!

So, anyways, continuing on with creating characters for my Alyce project, I have come up with a character called Lady Grey. Yes, well with a little research, I found out that the name is in fact owned by Twinnings. Great…but I suppose the name Earl Grey isn’t (snickers). Well, let us just see…But where there’s a will there’s a way and I’ll find a workaround. Still I really liked the name…

Comments on: "Lady Grey" (2)

  1. Lady Grey, huh? I like it, sounded posh. Hihihihi…

    • Yes, but I was never aware that some names of teas are owned by someone. I thought it was kinda posh, too, but I’ll just have to get creative.

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