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Well, I forgot what they were for…Alyce Project Page Updated

Totally forgot why I have Pages. I updated that. If you’ve been following up until now, you’re not missing anything…you’re probably more informed.


Random sketch…

In a world where things are plush...

Yeah…uh… I was bored… just trying out some new add-ins to Gimp, the free and open source software. Check it out! =)

Yes, yes, yes I know. The shadows are all wrong. I’m just playing around….


I’ve been waiting waiting for the Blender Durian movie project: Sintel. Well, I found their artist is David Revoy. His work generally consists of fairies and lush outdoor fantasy worlds–not usually my style when it comes to fairies, but I like how he does what he does. Check it out.

I’ll post more about the Alyce project and Art-O-Mat, but I’m kinda distracted…

Between ‘Tried-and-True’ and Progress

Between 'Tried-and-True' and Progress
Talking with my dad is always like a blast to the past. Often times, old and new ideals clash and always leave us at a stand-still–a horrible divide between progress and “tried-and-true”. And, you have to ask: which is the better way if there even is a better way? I find being between the two so frustrating. I don’t want to forget the past, but why does the future scare so many? And it is here in this sketch, that I question the Past and the Future and weigh them. Though we fight for either Yesterday or Tomorrow, at the end of the day, do we not find ourselves wondering, wondering about it all…?

Still Wandering in Cyber Space for a good artist friendly blog…

Still looking for a good “home” to settle both my blog and my artwork on. Unfortunately, they all have a limit. My sister brought up this site Nice and customizable, makes beautiful sites, but blogging is not easy whereas adding artwork is. It seems you really can’t have your cake and eat it too… But I do love wix… Maybe I’ll keep looking… Check out my wix: Ramblings from Down the Rabbit Hole

Notes, click just a little ways from the word “enter”, it doesn’t seem to register if you click it directly…

Still toying around

Still toying around in Blender. But, I’ve made some progress, though. In terms of making moving charcters, I’ve got a loooooong way to go, but i’m getting there. I’ve created a small room in full 3d; it’s a kitchen (albeit a really tiny, kinda outdated one) and I love it! It’s technically not the first room I’ve made, but will be the first one completed. Wondering what I’m gonna do with it. I’m thinking if turning it into a 3D game or something cool like that. Maybe expand it to an entire house…yeah. Or, I can keep the one room and just use it as a short room escape game.

EDIT: Just added some images. Please note that the lighting is not perfect. Still working on that.

Oh My GOSH! that sink is filthy!

it's obvious i'm not studying to be an interior designer...

someone really needs to

EDIT2: video flythoughflythrough

Room escape games are games with one objective: to escape a room. Most of them don’t have any storyline as to why you’re trapped in a room, but some do. They test your logic and thinking skills and they’re a blast to play! Go look some up as soon as you’re done reading this. Seriously, go do it. 😉
Yes, well, with that said, if I DO make a game, I’ll need some testers. What’s in it for you? A warm fuzzy feeling and your name in the credits. I like how that sounds already. Anytime you add credits to something, it makes it official. Wow, I’m getting syched! XD

MAYBE, just MAYBE, this’ll get my creative juices flowing! Wish me luck!

P.S. Does anyone else think it’s hard to hit the right letter on an iPod keyboard when you’re really excited?

P.P.S. If I get the game finished and fit to be seen by the public, I’ll either try to embed it (let’s hope for that!) or link to it. At the very least, I’ll upload the file for folks to download. But remember that’s a big IF, as in IF I can make it playable.


Frustration, frustration, frustration! Nothing’s coming out! Lately, I’ve been digging around, trying out something new. As a 2D artist, animation is something new for me. I’ve toyed around with Blender 3D suite (free at and with Pencil 2d animation software (free at and neither one seems to want to be successful. I’m not sure if my impatience is what’s messing things up or my sheer stupidity of the subject or both…This is just a tiny niblet of what I did in Blender: Homework

Anyways, for those of you interested and who don’t know, there’s tons of free software out there under an open license. That means, the code is free and open to the public as well as the program and it’s accompanying parts. A lot of them are really cool and there are people who obviously know what they’re doing who are making really cool things with them. Don’t think that all the software is only for artists though! There’s free word processors if you don’t wanna pay an arm and a leg for Microsoft Office, free sound editors–you name it. Just make sure you can trust the providers.