Life Chasing the White Rabbit

Last night, went to my sister’s school concert and enjoyed it thoroughly. She played a remarkable solo and the others played well, too. To think that schools are getting rid of the arts is a shame. To see these kids play these instruments and to see their faces when they know they’re playing a song and playing it well was priceless. You could feel their joy in every note. So, why do we want to cut out the arts?

I understand, that reading, writing, and math are important in turning students into educated citizens. Not to mention, reading, writing, and math are ways for us to better understand our world–make sense of it. But, that’s in a concrete way; with those, we can understand why buildings stand, why planes fly, why, we use “is” instead of “are” in some sentences…

But, there are more ways than just the concrete to understand our world. Art is another way. It’s a more intuitive way, its more difficult to put into solid terms. It cannot be measured, nor can it be sold for profit (though its results can). It’s an understanding on a higher level. It’s getting in touch with another part of ourselves that is not always readily comprehensible.

So, that takes me back to my original question: why do we want to get rid of the arts?

I wish I had an answer. I wish I could peer into the minds of those who are making the decisions that impact children’s and thus the world’s future.

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