Life Chasing the White Rabbit

Ok, here it is—don’t judge. I like to write stories, but that most certainly doesn’t mean that I am good at it. Here is an idea for an opening to a story featuring Alyce. I have absolutely no clue where this is going or even what Alyce’s personality is like it what her goals in life are. So, uh, yeah…I guess I’m open to anything at this point. Ok, for real this time, here it is:
It seemed to me that a kind of insidious force was at work when I enrolled at The Academy. The feeling started when I first set foot in my room and found what might’ve been the singularly ugliest hat in the universe sitting on my bed. The thing looked as if the maker had stripped a mutant chicken that was already starting to go bald. On top of that, it reeked as if that same mutant chicken had been burnt crispy. Pinching it with two fingers so as to minimize the amount of skin that came in contact with it, I moved it off my bed—or tried to anyway. The darn thing began to fizzle and smoke so viciously,I leapt away with a little yelp. It was a good thing too, because the thing blew up with the shocking power of a large car battery. Smoke and singed pieces of my bed and it’s coverings flew everywhere. Sparks fluttered in the air like little birds with their tails on fire.
Told you it was short.

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