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Remember when I said I couldn’t find a spot where I could blog AND host artwork with enough space? Yes, well how could I have forgotten about Deviantart?! Allow me to introduce you to some sketches I did lately along with some familiar pieces. Please take time to visit my site and come back for finished work later! I’ve got ideas–and lots of them! It feels great!!

Also, please visit my portfolio:



Well, I was listening to Pandora earlier today (well, yesterday, now) and it somehow pulled up my Facebook profile and showed me that some friend (who I haven’t talked to in a loooooong time also liked the song that was playing. Creepy…it didn’t even ask me about Facebook…Does anybody else feel like Facebook is a perfect medium for stalking? I feel like everything is just so…connected…it’s creepy!

Yes, well I said all that just to say that my blog is now publishing to Facebook now. Um…yeah…See, this is what happens when you let an art major try to communicate!

The Profoundness of nothing…

In nothing there is profoundness…profound nothingness…Did that sound philosophical…? I hope so because I just wanted to post something. I’m totally stumped for ideas… *sigh*

Ok, here’s a random sketch:

a rough sketch of one of my character's adversary:STORM. More than likely will change

Pages Updated

Alyce Project Page has been updated.


NOTE: Alyce Project Page UPDATED

Masks–we all wear them. While this may have a negative connotation, it’s not to be looked at that way (unless there is intentional harm done somewhere).

But, my problem is when the masks become necessary to survive. That’s an extreme case. But when my true face is not accepted, it is easy to get lost in the intricacies of the facade, easy to forget and just fall into the illusion…

And, it is with that having been said that I present the in-progress sketch unofficially titled Mask. I’m quite smitten with it actually. Hopefully it turns out to be as great as I’m imagining it in my head.

Another sketch which I’m just going to call Mask 2: