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More pictures! It’s getting late but I really wanna share what I got so, without further ado, here they are!


A quick doodle!

Here is a “quick” doodle I did on the computer. My wacom tablet was getting lonely, so I used it…

Let us create our own stars to wish upon and wish ourselves into queens...

Going Big

So, my advisor asked me to do a bigger piece, and I gladly accepted, being the kind of person up for a challenge (when it comes to art). She gave me this roll of thick watercolor paper and sent me home with ideas already budding in my mind. It was great–I felt like I had started to rediscover the excitement and passion that is supposed to be in art. Well, now I have redrawn one of my sketches and upon finishing the first pass I felt this little flutter of excitement jitter around inside of me. Iplan to go back over with a darker pencil so that it pops, but already I can tell it’s gonna look great! I rarely do work this big unless it is required for class, but there is a power and a sense of presence in large work; I’ve always noticed that about other’s work, but I’m beginning to see it now for myself. Well, for anyone reading this, I’m sure you’re curious to see what the sketch looks like. Well, here is the sketch (keep in mind there are a few changes that will be made to the final work): Click Off with Her Head! to see this sketch and others in my gallery hosted by

Don’t forget  to keep an eye out for future updates and to check on my gallery at! So this is Dreaming Alyce signing out. 😉