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Looking Ahead to Summer

So, I think it’s about time I actually do something useful with my summer. I think I’ll open up for commissions. Starting June 6th I think I’ll start accepting commissions. “Summer?!” you may ask. I know, I know it’s barely Spring and it most certainly doesn’t look like it where we’re at, but I have to prepare far in advance since April and May don’t look like I’ll be able to get much time for planning for the summer.

As for April and May, those months will be swallowed up by award ceremonies, signing up for housing, moving people in/out, preparing for a trip to London and Paris, making/finishing more art, and simply trying not to collapse with exhaustion. This is where I’d include pics of what I’ve been doing but, as you may well know, I’m notoriously bad at uploading things. So, here’s just some sketches I’m working on.

"It'll be worth it later..."