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Looking Ahead to Summer

So, I think it’s about time I actually do something useful with my summer. I think I’ll open up for commissions. Starting June 6th I think I’ll start accepting commissions. “Summer?!” you may ask. I know, I know it’s barely Spring and it most certainly doesn’t look like it where we’re at, but I have to prepare far in advance since April and May don’t look like I’ll be able to get much time for planning for the summer.

As for April and May, those months will be swallowed up by award ceremonies, signing up for housing, moving people in/out, preparing for a trip to London and Paris, making/finishing more art, and simply trying not to collapse with exhaustion. This is where I’d include pics of what I’ve been doing but, as you may well know, I’m notoriously bad at uploading things. So, here’s just some sketches I’m working on.

"It'll be worth it later..."


The White Rabbit Redone–Updated

Ok…So, critique in the creative world can be a great way to get you on track, motivate you or help you see things in your work that you don’t see. After this past critique, folks really were bothered by the fact that a few of my characters in “onesies” too closely Max (is that his name?) from Where the Wild Things Are. I have never seen the movie and I have not read the book recently enough for the artwork there to influence me–in fact that last time I even thought about that story was when it was read to me sometime in early elementary school. This isn’t the first time someone has brought this up, but being that I can be a stubborn person, I quickly mentally ruled it out, believing that, if folks would pay attention to the messages that my work carries, they would forget about Where the Wild Things Are and step into the world my characters inhabit. No, not so. I must admit that this has caused me a bit of frustration; at times, I feel that my work is not always taken as seriously as it should be simply because I don’t feature dark brooding characters that invoke the (at times) heavy things I reference or talk about. It’s quite possible that the folks critiquing my work are simply the wrong audience. I don’t aim to please other artists because it is near impossible to please them amd I don’t believe in the elitist attitude that the general public is too ignorant to know what is “fine” or good art and what is not.

However, this time, I took everyone’s comments to heart. I am now going through and changing a few of my characters. I already put Alyce through a dramatic change seen here:

Of the queen's court

Before: Old Version of Alyce where she looked more adult and displayed a heavy anime/manga influence.

After: Alyce more childlike and gained features that made her look distinctively African American along with other specific features.

The White Rabbit, was next in line to be changed. In this first new version, it took the opposite route of Alyce becoming a darker figure. Previously, it was commonly shown as an androgynous child but turned into a faceless entity seen here:

Old version of the White Rabbit

White Rabbit, a darker more foreboding figure, but still androgynous

However, I believe that The White Rabbit now has become too different from the rest of the cast. I am considering making it more childlike with that mask, but the idea of Time (which The Rabbit stands for) as this tall, silent, faceless figure who towers over anyone it approaches is great. Time would do just that; it would make you aware of it’s constant but silent presence… Still, I will keep working on the idea…

However, something to remember is that The White Rabbit is not a hostile entity. It’s job is only to keep track of what happens chronologically in life. It makes sure that time keeps going forward. Nobody can see it or is even aware of its presence. Occasionally, it will do benevolent things for the grieved or sick. It takes a liking to Alyce, acting as a gentle reminder to keep going on when Alyce gets knocked unconscious andĀ  (believing it is a dream) sees it standing beside her.

However, while The White Rabbit is harmless character, it has a darker acquaintance: Death. As of now, Death, The White Rabbit’s uncle with whom he is on uneasy terms, is not written into the story nor is it even mentioned, but as a time keeper, the White Rabbit notifies Death when any living thing’s time has run out.

However, unlike its parents Father Time and Mother Nature, The White Rabbit is not an unfeeling entity that does its job without compassion for the creatures it affects. This job does take its toll on the poor Rabbit. From outside of the time stream, it sees how time affects those within the stream and feels for them. It has watched many things come and go, yet it is still so difficult to see things come to an end…

The City of Babble

City of Babble--In Progress

Here is an in-progress drawing of what could possible be a cover for a comic idea I have. Here, Alyce sits atop a building that was built right over her littleĀ  hovel. In just a matter of months, The Fringes–the blighted neighborhood she once called home–was transformed into the hustling and bustling business district of Reville–all thanks to the Queen. It is in this moment that Alyce realizes that she now has no home anywhere in the queendom of Reville.

Ches of Nethornor

Living in a little dirt mound between the cities of Here and There, The Cheshire Cat has created a little one-man town called Nethernor where he can live his life in solitude until a traveler comes by needing his guidance between the cities. I just ask that you do not inquire about the suit…

Contrary to the way he looks, he’s actually a good guy who’ll do his best for you. He can be bit of a harmless creeper, but only because he’s cast off society and therefore doesn’t fit in with it. If it’s sentimentality you’re looking for, though, he’s not the one for you. It’s nearly impossible to penetrate that hard outer shell of taciturnity and chain-smoking unless your remind him of a certain someone…

I think it’s fair to say that this sketch sums up the Cheshire Cat’s whole state of mind.

Cheshire cat

Please click to view

Sneak Peaks!!!

Oh goodness…how long has it been since I last posted? I’m so sorry. Well, I am here to post sneak peek of some larger work that I’m doing. Mind you, these pieces are at least 5-6ft tall or long. More updates later! Also, for those of you who are local. My work will be on exhibit along with my prof and a fellow art student in November! Keep your eyes open for more details as it gets closer!

Off With Her Head photo

Branches and Crows picture


More pictures! It’s getting late but I really wanna share what I got so, without further ado, here they are!

A quick doodle!

Here is a “quick” doodle I did on the computer. My wacom tablet was getting lonely, so I used it…

Let us create our own stars to wish upon and wish ourselves into queens...