Life Chasing the White Rabbit

Minneapolis Trip

Just gotta get through today and the I will be on my way bright ‘n’ early tomorrow to see some art!

It’s been a whole day since I’ve been back and I must say it was the most fun stress I’ve ever had. The city of Minneapolis was very enjoyable. It’s atmosphere was a lot more energetic and fun. There was plenty to do, but a lot of the places near our hotel closed stupidly early. The transportation was great, with trams and buses providing affordable, and highly efficient ways to get around town.
But, what struck me was the openess and diversity there. Immediately upon setting foot off the plane, I noticed the multitude of races that were working or traveling in just the airport alone. Then, not far from my hotel, there was a large picture of at 5 or 6 guys standing together…rather closely. That’s something you’d never see where I’m from. Overall, the experience was positive. I think I felt comfortable there because it had a similar feeling to my city, just bigger and with more to do and with more diverese and outgoing people. If only it dudnt get so darn cold up there, I might actually consider moving up there.

Oh yeah, pictures are on the way.


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