Life Chasing the White Rabbit

Alyce Project

Here, I will post my progress on my project based on Alyce in Wonderland!

Just signed the form for my work. Starting this summer, it’s a go!


Just found an old layout for my business cards. Now, I’ve gone back to the drawing board and will continue on with my current logo for a while. An unofficial version of the current one is the in the header of this blog.

This one was a little too traditional. I wanted something more whimsical, and more indicative of me and what I’ll be talking about on my work.


Totally forgot about this page! I’ve been posting on the main blogging page. Well, in case you have not been following, I’ve posted a few pictures and sketches and stuff. the Alyce Project ( unofficial name). Well, since I last posted, I have come closer to designing my perfect business card. I have the logo, just gotta get the layout. However, until then, here is a sketch i’m in the process of working on.  Remember, always check out for up-to-date work!


Masks–we all wear them. While this may have a negative connotation, it’s not to be looked at that way (unless there is intentionalharm done somewhere).

But, my problem is when the masks become necessary to survive. That’s an extreme case. But when my true face is not accepted, it is easy to get lost in the intricacies of the facade, easy to forget and just fall into the illusion…

And, it is with that having been said that I present the in-progress sketch unofficially titled Mask. I’m quite smitten with it actually. Hopefully it turns out to be as great as I’m imagining it in my head.

Another sketch which I’m just going to call Mask 2:

EDIT: 6/6/10: While I prefer the one on the right simply because it is in color, I find the other one gets the point across more aptly. Without over-analyzing, it stresses the idea of falseness and facades better while retaining the elegance i was going for. The previous one’s meaning gets lost in its somewhat marred elegance. I hope to be able to color them both soon.

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